Why Growing a Beard is Proven to be a Good Thing.

At times beards can get a bad name, but that is just when it’s not properly taken care of. There are in fact, MANY benefits to growing a beard and here are a few:

  1. Not everyone lives in warm weather all year around, some of us live in climates where it gets to be below zero temps. Yes, not cool—but what is cool is having a beard when the weather is so cold. Having a beard in the dead of winter where temps drop quickly is a great insulator to your face! Keep it full and well-maintained and you will not be disappointed come winter time.

  2. Having a beard can free up a lot of time! Did you know that the average man will spend an estimated 3,350 hours of his life shaving?? That’s 139 days and THAT is crazy. There is SO MUCH MORE you could be doing with your time, including not getting cuts and dings on your face from shaving it!

  3. Ok, so you are one of those people that lives in warm weather all year around and the sun is always shining. A: Lucky you. B: If you have a beard, it can help protect against the sun’s harmful rays. It’s said that men with full beards end up blocking 95% of the sun’s UV rays—So prevent that beautiful face from the wrinkles and leathery texture the sun can give you by growing a healthy beard!


Andrew Hennes