Mixologist - Lime Mint | All Natural Beard Conditioning Oil | 30 ml

Mixologist - Lime Mint | All Natural Beard Conditioning Oil | 30 ml

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Sometimes you need something different, you mix two tried and scents. By mixing the refreshing qualities of Mint with the cleansing feel of Lime you get one of the best scents we have yet. This scent has a light feel and exhilarating smell. 

  • Designed To Work: Bearded Gentleman has one goal in mind, results. The basic ingredients of most brands don’t cut it any more. Each man has different types of hair that need nourishment. We developed a formula that produces results no matter what beard type you have.

  • Premium blend of natural oils blended for perfection: Created with the finest blend of 5 superior grade carrier oils, the ingredients we use are high in fat content and have varying absorption rates. This allows for a long lasting nourishing effect that will help your hair and skin get hydrated.

  • Easy to Use: Just apply a few drops to your hands, rub together, and then massage into your beard. Use it regularly and you can be sure to see results.

  • Easy-to-Manage, Fuller Beard: Treats split ends, reduces skin irritation, eliminates flakiness, de-tangles hairs, promotes beard growth and thickness, and much more!
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